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    Karaoke is better in your own way!


    • Sleek and attractive streamlined design.
    • Convenient 6.3mm audio output jack with adjustable angles for
    easy plug-and-play.
    • One-touch frequency scanning and synchronization for quick
    • Operates in the interference-free ultra-high frequency range for
    stable transmission.
    • Up to 100 selectable frequency points for multiple system use.
    • High-performance wireless audio processing chip for
    low-distortion sound.
    • Wideband Extended Dynamic Range technology for effortless
    singing and optimal performance.
    • Mic Echo and music volume adjustment functions.
    • Mic first function for ducking background music.
    • Built-in battery management for prolonged battery life.
    • Versatile connectivity options for various music sources.
    • Ideal for outdoor singing, teaching presentations, and home


    Wireless Microphone Alpha Works D2

    SKU: AW-D2
    •   Microphone Receiver
      Frequency bands 640-690 MHz 640-690 MHz
      Frequency bandwidth 25 MHz 25 MHz
      Modulation FM FM
      Frequency response 50-15kHz 50-15kHz
      T.H.D@ 1kHz typ. <0.5% typ. <0.5%
      Signal-to-noise ratio typ. 100dB(A) typ. 100dB(A)
      Transmit power 10mW, 5mW -
      Power supply voltage 2x1.5V (AA) 3.7V/800mA
      Operating time >8hr -
      Operating range ≈ 15 meters -
      Audio output - 6.35mm


    • 1 x Wireless Receiver
      2 x Microphone D2
      1 x Charging cord
      2 x Anti-slip rubber rings
      1 x Audio cable 3.5mm
      4 x AA battery
      1 x User Manual

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